Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swine flu, and our TV star

So listen, SGS has Swine Flu per his Pediatrician. We babysat him last night and today. At first we thought it was just his winter cold, then the fever started.
He starts Tamiflu today, missing a week of school, but his real concern is Halloween. He has his favorite costume: that horrible Freddy K. So sad for me, I used to always buy his costume, but when he got old enough to start liking the yucky-gory stuff, I told him I would not buy them. It did not work to sway his choice, but that is life.

Since SH is immune compromised, we were very careful to keep coughing germs from him, SGS had his own hand towel and kept all his used Kleenex in his Boogie Buddy Bag (a plastic store bag). Sometimes if you give things a funny name, they hold more importance~ Lots of antibacterial hand cleaner and many reminders to cover mouth when coughing and keep hands off his face.

321-+ Whoops, our Sdog just decided to jump on the laptop and typed a few very important symbols. I wonder if this was a request for a treat in doggie shorthand?

Back to the flu-SD is very concerned, especially because he usually has a healthy appetite, today he ate about 1/2 cup of Halloween shaped pasta and crackers. We pushed clear fluids, and rest-which meant he could watch TV-in the daytime-see being sick has it's perks.

Hopefully he will feel well enough to carve his pumpkins here tomorrow night when he comes back. He very sadly told me last night that I could carve them all, he does not feel well enough! Does that break your heart or what? It is so hard when kids are sick, you just want to make it all better right away.
Other news: SS is a TV commercial Star!

He works at a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities, and there is a public service announcement running here locally promoting the organization. The commercial in on between 5:30 and 6pm on WGRZ Ch 2. We had many phone calls from family and friends telling us they saw him-but we didn't! Finally SS's Dad narrowed down the time of when it was played, and YEAH, we saw it! Lots of hooting and hollering when we saw him tonight-he is the one at the very end with the big sweet smile and the Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary red shirt. He is also sporting his annual SABRES season beard-a tradition he is carrying on from his paternal SGF.

He does not shave until the SABRES have played their last game. It gets a little nasty looking towards the end of the season, but luckily he allows me to trim it a smidge just to keep him from looking like skid row. (Skid row-that term used to be humorous, the same SGF used to use that word, it referred to someone down on their luck, but really, it is heartbreaking how that number has increased over the years, I will from now on, not use that term.)

That is all the news on this beautiful Indian Summer Day. (Is that politically incorrect and hurtful too? Should I have said Native American Summer Day?)

p.s., our Sdog looks very similar to the dog in the Samson painting-lower left area that was in a few entries prior.

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