Monday, October 26, 2009

Fleece duster cloth

So listen, everyone who knows me knows I can not sew. It is not a genetic flaw because I have 2 sisters and an Aunt who sew like no tomorrow. It is just not one of my skills. I have sewn-when the kids were little-hated every minute of it, so now I do not even own a sewing machine-which of course I regret when it is time for repairs, or something like this little project.

Our SCwife, mentioned in Octoberfeast gave me one of these fleece dusting cloths that fits onto the Swifter floor duster. I tried it, I liked it, washed it and used as dusting cloth, it works so nicely. Here is her pattern-gee I didn't ask her if it is OK to put on Internet, wait, she said she found it on the Internet! That means once taken, can be shared. That is Internet etiquette rule #101.

Fleece Duster Cloth

-one piece of scrap fleece 9"x 10.5"

-three pieces of fleece each 1"x 10.5"

Lay three pieces along length of large piece, one in center and the other two about one inch away from the center. Sew to larger piece, using streeeeeeeeetch stitch, going down the center of the thin pieces.

Use scissors to cut into thin pieces about every 1/2 to 3/4 inch-these are the dust picker-uppers. They will curl when washed/dried.

Now there is no excuse...............

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