Sunday, October 4, 2009

Matriach Moments and a great Recipe

So listen, this is the annual "Birthday Week". My SM has her 86th. birthday this week, so my SS(#2) flew in from out-of-state, and the party started! Sweet sister#2 is 2nd oldest daughter, you will also see references to SS#1-oldest sister, SB#1, oldest brother, etc, we have the following kids in my family: girl, boy, girl, boy, girl-me. SS#2 is great fun girl-loved to seeher looking happy and healthy!
SS(#1) is a great organizer amongst many other abilities, so she had lots of ideas lined up: of places to go and people to see. So far we've done them all, and loved every minute. We had supper that SS#1 made, breakfast at Bob Evan's with SA(sweet aunt) and SC (sweet cousin),

went to a makeup store-sales clerk/owner was not in a professional mood-we were not pleased, but when she realized the 4 of us were going to spend money-oh how the mood changed; went to our annual market visit near Lockport, great produce (we were all going into withdrawal because blue concord grapes seemed to be late this year, but we found them on Thursday to tide us over), went to Tim Hortons for soup, we all had hair appts this week so we looked fab, dinner with spouses, etc at Salvatores Italian Gardens Restaurant (very opulent place, but SM's favorite) food and company were the best-one of the best times which we have had there. Here she is with my two SB's.

And on the 7th day we rested (sounds sacrilegious to say it that way doesn't it?)

Tomorrow, we go to Hobby Lobby (a craft and decorating massive store which is new to our area, then to Dave's a newer grocery store to look for different things that local chain stores night not have. The SS#2 returns home on Tuesday, and we celebrate SM's real birthday on Wednesday! What is left to do?
I hope you are able to celebrate your SM's birthday, if not, say a little prayer for her.
Today we need to buy SH a new TV, the thing is only 5 years old, and shot, we will be avoiding this major brand for today's purchase.
I wanted to share SS#1 recipe with you that is the best chicken ever:

Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken

place 1 bottle of Barbecue Sauce in crock Pot-try to find one that does not have high fructose corn syrup.

Add 3.5 lbs of boneless-skinless, trimmed chicken breasts-left whole. ( I stir lightly to coat here).

Cook on low 7 hours, -after 6 hours, use 2 forks to separate into shreds, cover again and cook for final hour.

Serve on hearty rolls with a salad-the best! Thank you SS#1.
My SD makes this recipe with a bottle of chicken wing sauce and then serves with a little blue cheese stirred in at the end for Buffalo Chicken Wing Barbecue.

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