Thursday, October 8, 2009

How many Colors?

This is our view from the front window. How many colors can you count? Don't miss the subtle reds hiding behind the trees on the left, and each color on a leaf gets counted also. Can you see why we would never sell this land? This is our buffer zone, sometimes we watch as birds come and grab a seed from our feeder and then fly across the street to crack and eat. They fly back and forth, it seems for hours, but they could be different birds of the same species, just like running a relay: they hand-off the baton to the next one, and the race continues.
In the spring, a good assortment of wild plants and flowers pop up to share their beauty with us. We are blessed.
One time, when our SGS was about 5, we sat looking out that window for a very long time, talking about what animals could make that wooded area their home. He of course mentioned bugs and snakes and then went on to explain the process of snake hunting their prey. I knew then that if I was to be a good grandma, I would have many "boy" conversations. Since then the topics have changed, the electronic wave has jumped into our world and he taught me to text (which I almost never do), how to play Super Mario on Wii, how to appreciate a movie on his PSP, all about ecology, the important info Karate students need to know about sparring with a weapon (are you kidding me? my only grandchild sparring with a weapon, deep breath, OK, I am better now) and every topic in between. I hope you have grandchildren, if not, please get involved with some kind of youth program at your church, school, library. We belong to the Kiwanis Organization, so we also have involvement with children in our community. Sometimes as you get older, you look at things differently than children do, we get bogged down in all the things that make up our world. This can really put a brake on enjoying life, we all need a little "youth infusion" to keep us balanced and smiling. Who knows, you might find out that Wii really promotes WE.

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