Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, it's not like I ask for a lot.........

Well listen, it is not like I ask for a meowlot, but if you are not going to let me go outside, you could at least cut the meowgrass so that I can track the little brown striped things that run amok outside?
How can I do my meowjob if you don't do yours?  And, when you are working outside of my meowwindow pulling pretty green things out of the ground and throwing brown stuff on the green things that you leave in the ground-do not meowtalk to me!  I know you mean well, but it is meowaggravating to listen to you and that baby talk you always meowuse when you speak to me!  Who meowtold you that I like that?  I am a grownup, talk to me like you would any other meowfriend-ooh, rub my ear please,    meeeeeeow that feels good, here let me lick your face as a meowthanks.  Geez, don't jump away so fast, you could make me meowfall.

And I noticed that you put a pretty thing in the ground near Leona-well, at least you planted it at the right end-if you know what I meowmean.
Now, go cut some meowgrass.

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Margaret Hall said...

Hahahahah....ahhh....Sitting on that perch and telling it like it the meow-interaction~!! Super posting, cute as a button, and so---that is Leona, huh?....Love it~!! Hope that you SBirthday is WONDERFUL~!! See you soon~!