Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My baby...

At 11:16 pm, my baby girl was born on this date. 
These pictures are of her from her baby book, on the day she was brought home from the hospital. 

I really can't believe how many years that has been-33! 
She was a very welcome member of our family, and I am eternally grateful that she is in my life.  She opened my eyes to so many things, and my ears too, since music is so much a part of who she is.
Thank you SDaughter, looking forward to all that life brings you now that you have made your life the wonderment that it is.
Your travel has not been easy, but then, nothing good comes easily eh? Do you know this "Stones" song-"You can't always get what you want" ?  The kicker line is "You get what you need".  And guess what, I have this song on one of my Stones' albums, you know a 331/3-those big things that look like a cd?  I tried to explain this to my SD this morning when I was wishing her a happy birthday and comparing her to a
33 1/3, and she pretended that she was too young to understand! Pissant.

All those concerts of yours that you performed in, with me crying in the audience, just awed by your voice and participation.  And your drive to always start something new and organize it so that it was done your way-you made me shake my head in awe of your bravery to just "Go for it".  How strong you are my Moomie.

Your gift of life which I was lucky to have in my life, is now repeated in your son, thank you for all he is to all of us, and you made it possible.
Love you my girl (as Matka would call her granddaughters), and I am so happy that you have your SSigother to hold your hand in this wonderful journey. 
Here you are today on this facebook posting this morning-a real woman, successful and happy-isn't that what we want for our kids?  Happy Birthday sweetie.

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