Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marilla Orioles

Recently, my SDFriend had been telling me about Baltimore Orioles coming to her feeders.  I have never seen one live and in person, ever.  This morning a smidge after 7am I was blissfully reading my paper and sipping my instant coffee-not my usual beverage, but I did not plan well.  Out of the corner of my eye, I am always looking at the bird feeders, and all of a sudden, MR. BALTIMORE ORIOLE was on the suet cake.  I honestly thought it was a fake bird for a millisecond-the orange is so vibrant.  I ran for the camera, first so that I could prove it to  SHusband, and then so I could share it with you.  By the time I got back to the window, and pushed all the buttons needed to make the shot, it flew away.  No amount of whining on my part would bring him back.
We had a busy morning, and afternoon, doing necessary, unexpected medical things, and after SH got up from his little "lay down" on the couch, he looked outside and MRS BALTIMORE ORIOLE was on the suet cake.  Happy was the emotion.  I brought the camera, snapped a few shots, was processing them to crop, and resize just so you could get a peak,

and then  MR is in the house! 

Here he is the same way that I saw him this morning. 

I cut an orange in half and hung it on the suet holder so that the next time, they will have a little variety in their diet.
Aren't we lucky?  Everyday has a little something waiting to make you happy, sometimes we might have to search a little harder..................

See, there, tucked in the branches of life is a little surprise for you.

And here for you, without having to search is where my SDFriend is, who usually has the company of wonderful birds has the company of an angel:
Your gift for today!  I bet you are smiling too.


Margaret Hall said...

Love, love the baby~!!! What a radiant smile~!! Orioles have not inhabited my back yard, but am glad that they have come to visit you...Lovely pics of them..We are the same here, grabbing the camera and always a day late and a dollar short, it seems~!!
Thanks for sharing...!!

DIANA said...

And I didn't even get a picture of MY orioles! What a GREAT baby picture, though! and I took it with my iPhone! Sometimes things work out!
PS...I think those are MY orioles!