Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beauty is there, here

The last few days have been busy, but as they say, a busy mind is a ....what do they say, oh well. 
Start over:  Hello SReaders, was your last few days as wonderful as mine?  I really hope so, I certainly don't only come here to brag about this, that or whatever.  I hope you are thinking of your own life as you read my little thoughts about the ying and yang of my life.
I think the fact that our weather here has been so spectacular, and was so long awaited is what is making me gush so.  We had rain, rain, and then because we were good little kittens a touch more rain. Now, we have blue skies, nothing but blue skies, and that really does reflect your inner being when you can be sighingly (new word-feel free to try to pronounce and use) pleased when looking outside.
My bones are not sighingly pleased at this moment, YWNRUSNM (yard work not are us no more, to steal a logo/name from a toy store).  But, I do love to see the results, so, weed, plant, peat moss swirl, PREEN, soil, mulch, done.  I hereby promise to never make a new flower bed, really, I was mentally imprinting that while working last evening-Tim was there for me to lug a bit-third day for me alone would have been very unproductive.
But, there are other beautiful things all around, here are some of mine from the past few days:

SNiece and her family "were in the neighborhood", considering they live about 50 mins away, this was delightful that they stopped over after dropping off a bingo marker and flowers at Matka's marker, gee what can I call that place?  cemetery burial site is not the way to go.  But, let's move on.  She has two very adorable kids, so our day was really colored by their visit, and hey, she showed her old feeble Aunt how to download a music app, which has led to various adventures in filling up my droid-the Beatles singing "Michelle, ma belle", Robert Palmer singing "Might as well face it, you're addicted to love", I by mistake touched "make this my ring tone", and now when my cell rings, it sounds like a stripper answering service-must change that today.  Also, Pavoritti singing "Ave Maria", Dean Martin "Baby it's cold outside", that was a mistake, gotta be careful with the touch screen, I already had purchased Debussey piano pieces-I love "Claire de lune", I also purchased Whitney Houston "I will always love you" which I plan on springing on SHusband when he is reading sometime, but the funny part is, the text under her name is in some Slavic or Russian name alphabet???  How did I do that-just talented I guess.

The ladies after Mother's Day breakfast, I enjoy being with these truly kind women.  How did I get to be shorter than all, including my SDaughter?
Lunch at Muscarella Bakery
with SDFriend celebrating our joint "pretty darn close to our birthday" day.  The pieces in the front of the cake were enjoyed by me, and the rest will be "worked on" by SH over the next  week-no kidding.     

These tulips are from Matka's 80th birthday party.

This is our Red Bud tree-beautiful in Spring.

Magnolia, aaah.

SDaughter and family-how happy to see them. Happy Couple, you can tell.
 Look at my SGrandson-couldn't you pinch those cheeks?

This is how SF wrapped my gift-a gift in itself-inside was a bird window hanging thingy, and an inspirational music box which played "Amazing Grace".  I am truly Blessed to have her as a friend-we spent the day together, just shopping, talking and it was a nice break in the action for both of us.
They should have an AAA group for shoppers at The Christmas Store.  Where do they find these things?  And the prices are very, very, nice.
Niece in Maryland, lovely girl, sweet as you would want.  God Bless her.

                                                         Magnolia from a different angle for you.
Our happy family-don't overlook SH waving in the car!

And, now stop reading my drivel, go look at something beautiful-start with the mirror my SFriends.

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Margaret Hall said...

Hi, S-BlogFriend...It's early Saturday mornin' here in Oregon and seems that we just MIGHT have some sun today, something that we haven't had for some time...Hopefully our little garden bed will dry out enough now to plant something...
I don't know when I have enjoyed such a lovely and interesting posting as this one of yours, m'Lady~! It certainly was not drivel and I was so happy that you have the warmth of family about you, dear friend...You certainly seem to have people that adore you and you adore them and their company~! Your camera keeps us so in touch with your happenings, and thanks for that~! I "hear" ya' about the bones and the yard work...seems it is here,
Sally, been a pleasure to come to your home here in the blogosphere and I shall return soon...just leave the side door open..(smile)