Monday, October 4, 2010

Yesterday was a big deal.

I am 62, and I am the youngest of the kids. Matka called SBrother#2 the baby, but age wise, I got that title. I only mention my age to put the following in perspective.
Yesterday was the first time in my life that the family got together for a meal that did not include Matka. How can that be? How can we manage that? How will we be able to make it though without crying? Well, we did manage, we did talk, we did eat, we did cry. All of it was needed.
We had some details to take care of, some pictures to look at. Some hugs and kisses to get again.
We met at SB#2's home which faces the waterfront. Lovely relaxing view and since the sibs are all "water people", we found it a perfect environment. Our wonderfully supportive spouses and partners who are such an integral part of our family-we don't like to think of them as "in-laws or out-laws" were with us. They are all family and we would not be where we are today without their love and support.
Everyone brought things to add to the meal, some wine, pop, water and beer were enjoyed along with the snacks, and then we had a nice shared meal, and plenty 'O desserts. SHusband was very happy.
My contribution was a pasta e fagioli soup (pasta and beans)-a new recipe. It had a bit too much kick for my liking, I added a little sugar in the morning (SGrandma Viviani used to add sugar or baking soda to her sugu (spaghetti sauce-I am sure I misspelled that) if it was too bitter or acid, so I thought I would try her trick. It brought the heat down a smidge. Some said it was good, but SSister#1 and I agreed that it was too hot for us. Next time I will cut the hot pepper flakes from 1/2 tsp to 1/4 tsp.

Here is the recipe-it is from Wegmans-a verrrry nice grocery store in the area.

Those pen scratchings are my changes, I decreased the beans, spinach and onions and increased the carrots and tomatoes. I think if you right click and save picture to your files-it should be larger print for you.

So, we got through our first real emotional event, more "firsts' are quick on the horizon-Matka's Birthday is in 3 days. We will be together again, and again, it will be sad, but we will get through it, pulling her love of us to each other as the string that binds us.

Here we are in December 1968.


Wegmans said...

Sally--This post is beautiful! We are honored that our Pasta e Fagioli recipe could be apart of it! Thank you for sharing the changes --they sound delicious :) We hope that everyone enjoyed the food and time together. Our thoughts will be with you in the coming days. Take care and enjoy the comfort of family!

sally said...

Thank you for the kind comments.