Sunday, October 31, 2010


See what happens when you pull out the bag of Halloween stuff?

SGrandson decided that he loved this bald-head thing, and that he looked like an old Chinese man. He (read we) spent the next hour making a hat and a mustache and a whatever round thing that he held in his hand was (scroll of proverbs perhaps?) to make it authentic.

All of thiese head things were bought for SSon over the years, and his favorite is Elvis. We are still trying to decide what he will wear with it to his Halloween party at his BFF's home party. I suggested he could be the Blue Hawaii Elvis and wear this flowered Hawaiian shirt we have, BUT it has buttons down the front , and that will take an act of congress to get him to wear that.

Miss Boo Boo Marie allowed us to put this fall leaf collar on-I think she knew that it used to belong to Cheesie Marie the dog, so she was not pleased. A few minutes after this, we noticed that it was off, and we could not find it. About an hour later, there it was on a kitchen chair, tucked under the tablecloth. How did it get there for heavens sake? We have not put it on her again, I figure any time a cat tries that hard to remove something, her wishes should be honored.

Because he is a scientist and a historian for goodness sake, he needed to have his picture taken with his head turned sideways so that the SIDEBURNS would show. What a fun guy that SHusband of mine is

And here I am, my hair underneath was so bad because I waited 6 weeks for my next haircut to let it grow a little longer for the winter, and it was just not doing anything that it usually does- that this wig was actually an improvement!

Sorry for those who already saw these pictures on facebook, but I thought they were just too silly not to share with my blog readers.


Margaret Hall said...

How CUTE your pics are of your Halloween fun~! Love the multi-colored wig! (That was a wig, wasn't you had a wonderous fun Halloween....
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sally said...

We had a fun time that night! See you on facebook-thanks for the invite Margaret. And thanks for the comments.