Friday, October 29, 2010

Seen through the lens lately

A bunch of pictures from our beautiful fall.
This was a gift from SSister#1. Love those sunflowers. The yellow is just so cheerful.

Just had to put in one more picture of Letchworth.

Pointed ends leaf on the right is from the Northern Red Oak Tree, and the rounded ends leaf on left is from the White Oak Tree. Now you know the difference, say thank you to SSHusband.

Hello Matka.

This guy is way confused, Christmas hat at Halloween. Keep your holidays straight Mr. Skeleton.

And at the next house, a realy BIG, scarey witch. Some people are so creative.

Is this not the lovelest fall quilt? Done by SCousin. My picture does it no justice-the colors are really very bright.

And this other quilt that she did scared the Bejusus out of me, that is why it is a blurry picture. Really.

Driving home at 7:45am after dropping SGrandson off to school. What a beautiful time of the day. I am such a morning person. Except when I can not sleep at night and sneak out of bed after SH falls asleep and wait until sleep claims me.

Looking out from the driveway across to the wild trees that God planted. You can see my new windshield wipers too-are you ready with good wipers for winter-go now, get rid of those old squeaky ones, keep yourself safe-please.

There are two things wrong with this picture-I need to pull up this most huge (is that a phrase which I just coined? naw, sounds stupid), let's just say a really big geranium. I bought them from the Lions Club in Alden like I do every year, but oh boy, they must have done something to them this year-growth hormones for plants or something? I hate to pull up a plant that is just doing so well. I could wait a week or so till the hard frost comes and then it will be ugly black-we will see. Problem # 2 who the heck dropped those leaves near my plant? Please return and pick them up immediately! Thank you. Don't do it again. I mean it.

Burning bush before it burned.

Looks like a ususal wagon of pumpkins, notice the big one in the back? Did you also notice that the ones stacked in front of that big one look a little odd?

They are so gross. It looks like the seeds are growing on the outside, or that they have some disease that needs to be treated by a dermatologist.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin this shape?

I am lucky to be born here in a place where the seasons change, that way you always have something to go oh and ah over. Never bored in WNY.

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Margaret Hall said...

Well---I shall try once again to post a comment on your fabulous Autumn scenic tour! The poor little mis-shapen pumpkin, ahhhh....And, being where the Seasons change is always fun to see the changes...Awesome quilts, too! Thanks for the photog tour~!