Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toliet Paper brides

I went to a Bridal shower today for a family member on SHusband's side. And, SSister-in-law who really does not go out much because she is a full time caretaker for her wonderful SHusband, was able to ride with me because her son was with his dad for 2 hours. So nice to spend time with her. It was a very efficient but yet nice shower-sometimes these two qualities do not go hand in hand, but they managed to pull it off.
They had a breakfast shower, so all the yummy breakfast foods were there and some very good decaf coffee. And for dessert, they had cheesecakes and homemade Italian cookies-just like the kind Matka used to make. Their favors were white chocolate suckers in a tiered wedding cake mold, or regular chocolate in double/connected heart mold. My Shusband got the favor and the Italian cookies when I got home-he lives for sweets.
And they had some fun quick games, the first were 10 wedding day scrambled words, and then a new one to me-Wedding Shower Gift Bingo. You are given a blank bingo card, and you fill in all the squares with the name of possible shower presents, then as the gifts are open, they call out the name of the gift, and you mark it off on your sheet if you have that gift listed. If you fill the entire card, you win. I guess I am way out of the loop for what brides are getting now. I picked the usual sheets, towels and the kitchen things which I have, but the things that she got were mandolin(slicer), pasta bowl dishes, porch awning (???), lotsa picture frames and wall hangings. I was no where near a full card. But it was fun. The gift opening went smoothly with 5 ladies including the bride handling the 70 plus gifts. One nice thing they did was to leave the wrapping on until it reached the head table. Sometimes, you go to all that trouble to wrap something nicely, and then a bridesmaid rips it off before the bride even sees it. Today, someone loosened the wrapping, and the brides mother pulled the card off and handed it to the bride who did the final opening etc, and then it got handed down the line where someone recorded it, packed the card, shipped it on to be completely boxed/bagged again and stacked. Loved it.

The cute game that the title of today's blog mentions is, each table had three rolls of toilet paper, 5 minutes to fashion a wedding dress for someone at your table. We were lucky enough to have an adorable 10 year old at her first ladies shower and she was happy to be the bride. Isn't she just too cute?

And here is the Toilet Paper Bride Group Picture. The winner caught a bouquet from the bride. The sweet lady on the far right was in her 80's-a great-Aunt of the bride-to-be. They made her a sheath dress, and then she needed to
walk to the front-which she did-with teeny-tiny little steps-do you see her train?

It was a nice time with family, and all in 2 hours.

I am sure that if Matka was at this shower, she would have volunteered to be the toilet paper bride-she was a fun lady.
Here she was as Bride with husband #2

And then with husband #3.
No pictures from husband #1. even though she was married to the same man in two different cities in probably less than a week, no pictures survived. The Irish side of the family/husband did not acknowledge the wedding in the Eyetalian Catholic Church, so they made the couple get married in the pure Irish Catholic Church-which was totally against all church policy-you can't get the sacrament of marriage vows twice to the same person-but what the Irish family wanted they got. At least that is the way it was explained to me.

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