Monday, September 14, 2009


SH is a COLLECTOR. Many large collections, including historical items, rocks/fossils, geology everything; books of all subjects-filling many bookshelves, and a very extensive collection of antique bottles-from 100ish years ago. He is thinking of the future, so has decided to pass on collections to appropriate persons. A pharmacist near us has agreed to take the pharmacy items-it will be trucks and trucks, of beautiful glass bottles with curved glass labels, paper boxes, tin cans of every shape and size, and enough related books to stock a library. Today, someone interested in his rocks, minerals, fossils, geology related items and books has agreed to buy the collection-the inventory tour took longer than some movies that you go see today. This very nice man has been a seller to Hubie, and now the tables are turned. And then there is the STUFF, not fitting into a category, except one I created called crap. I wonder if there is a limit of the number of bags we can kick to the curb?
Anyway, this will ease up what I call our clutter situation, and make our golden years a little more streamlined.
SS has been wonderful moving things that I have packed, and weighing boxes to be mailed. He is always very obliging.
I think it is a generous gift that SH has given me of divesting himself of these things close to his heart-knowing how worried I was about the proper disposition of these things, and worried that some valuables went into the dumpster by mistake by those meaning well, left to do the deed.
We always joked that every building we own could never be picked up like Auntie Em's by a Tornado and tossed to the great beyond because it is so firmly weighted down, but what about AFTER? Will we need to put some bags of cat litter in the basement to weight it down like we do for our car trunks here in Western New York during the icy driving times?

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