Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bappy Birthday Buffalo Bills

Today is a big Sports Day in Western New York-our beloved Buffalo Bills Football team is starting the 50th. season-first home game. The population here really supports our sports teams, it is a big highlight of the year when the "football season" starts. Today, long slowing evaporating jet contrails in the bright blue sky add to the festive mindset. Fans are being "warned" to expect traffic problems due to construction in two very important routes, and to be aware that DUI checks will be everywhere.

DS has season tickets with his father, so he will be attending, we just need to drive him to a local restaurant before the game, and pick him up after the game-we have a system-he calls me when the 4th quarter starts, and off I go. Sometimes, if the weather is warm, I take sd for the ride. Since it is a 4pm start time, pickup will be 9pmish. By then the temp is expected to fall, so heater will be pumping in the car-we have a Toyota Rav 4, heater is fine-but our previous Ford Taurus had a quicker steam of heat-but that is the only thing I liked better.

Even though our DGS does not go to games yet, he along with so many others is excited today. So, the tailgaters are ready, the Bills are ready, Good Luck Bills.

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