Friday, September 18, 2009

Mary Travers

Sorry to see you go Mary Travers.
In 1968, I went to see Peter, Paul and Mary perform at Kleinhans Musical Hall in Buffalo. Had Balcony seats, but that was OK because the sound is really good all through the Hall. I thought I was dressed really nicely. I had on a grey woolish straight dress, just above the knee (until I sat down) with White FISHNET stockings. They were all the rage, knitted of cotton thread. It was a sitting concert-unlike today when people stand throughout (because the person in front of you is standing, because the person is front of them is standing, etc.). When I got up, the stockings were embedded into my legs, and when I got home, and took them off, I had this really cool diamond shaped pattern on my legs. Seems like a memory that is just as strong as my enjoyment of the music that night. I enjoyed FOLK music then, had seen Joan Baez and Buffy St. Marie on the "Island" in Toronto around that same time. Like it not so much now. I think Bob Dylan's songs are really wonderful-I just like to hear someone else doing covers on them, because I enjoy understanding the words and I am not able to decipher his pronunciation. Other people can, not me, so it is my problem, not his.
So, leaving on a Jet Plane, goodbye for now.

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