Thursday, September 24, 2009


So listen, did you ever notice that when someone thinks others are watching them walk that they walk differently? I do, so since I am a "people watcher" this is something I look for. This morning a man was walking into a school. In the parking lot, he was doing what we all do sometimes, schlepping. Then, he stepped onto the sidewalk, and started that swagger, you know that rolling and pitching walk, that says I am just so cool and young! A marked contrast from his prior pattern. Then today, I was walking out of the grocery store, back was bothering me so I was being very "tender-footed", but then I realized that I was walking so "old lady", so I pulled my shoulders back, straight posture and managed to get in the car hopefully not looking as decrepit and old as I really am! Ah! Vanity, what we do to change our own perception of ourselves, when really who is watching that we care about anyway?

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