Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day of crimes

So Listen, yesterday, I was illegally parked at a large mall in the Fire Lane, with blinkers on, waiting to pickup SS. I parked there so he could see me easily, and not panic when he came outside. He was getting an autograph from Marv Levy, a sports god in WNY. When yikes, two, not one but TWO police cars pull up behind me, lights flashing. So I immediately think I am the reason, pulse starts racing, face gets red, they leave vehicles, one officer gives me "The Evil Eye", and they all walk inside the mall. As fast as my shaking hand allows, I start car and move to a real parking spot, vowing to not take this chance again.
I wait, and a few minutes later, all four officers escort a young woman, 20ish. out of the mall, in handcuffs, they are carrying a store bag. One officer says to the young woman, "Now, was that worth it?", and they place her in their vehicle and drive away. If she is found guilty, then her poor judgement has now caused a profound negative effect on her life. What about her family, can you imagine what it would be like to get that phone call if you were her parent? What about a current or future job if she is convicted. What about her? If she is guilty, is she mad that she was caught and not truly sorry, or was this one moment of poor judgement. We all make those. When I was about 11 or 12, we took glass bottles back to have money to go to the "show", what we referred to and now is called attending a Movie. Bottle deposit was a penny for small bottles and a whopping 5cents for a "quart" bottle-they are now 2-liter bottles. The show cost was 25cents. So, if you found enough bottles, you had money for the show (2 movies and a cartoon-what a deal), and maybe some money for candy. Some kids I was going to the show with, said they didn't need money for candy-they stole it from the drugstore next to the show, and that I should too! Are you kidding me? Never? The nagging, dares and taunting continued all the long walk to the show, I finally said I would. So, in we go, me wearing my one and only dress-most in my neighborhood only had one "good" outfit, and for whatever reason, I was wearing mine that day. It had a sash across the front, and I slipped a Necco(sp?) wafer package into the sash and left. During the show, I did not remove it. I had a feeling like it was on fire, boring it's way through the paper wrapping, through the dress, my undershirt (kids were not hurried into "adult clothes" in those days), and right into my very heart-cursing me forever. I was tormented that I stole something. After the never ending time in the theater, I went back into the drugstore and RETURNED IT! I left that store so much lighter, the burden of my crime had been negated, and the lesson learned, all for the 5cent price of candy!
I prayed for that young woman last night, seeing her situation really bothered me.

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Sandra said...

Hi Sally, I just had to come and say thank you for your great post on my blog. I must tell you, the video, was not mine, I took it from utube, but I just loved it and it really did a nice job of showing Venice. You said you and your sister were there in 2006. So were my sister and I !!! We left Seattle on Sept 5 and returned home on Oct 3. We had the trip of a life time. Part of our trip was to trace our Fathers footsteps, during WWII, he was stationed in Naples. We were able to find his apartment and many other places he had photographed. I just thought how unique, that you and your sister and the two of us were both in Italy at the same time.
Any way, welcome to the world of blogging. I just started mine at the beginning of this year. It is a lot of work at times, but I have made some wonderful friends. Please stop by any time, and I will do the same, good luck.

Oh by the way, we are going back to Venice for 2 weeks next May, and I can hardly wait!!

Ciao, Sandra