Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey, what the heck??

Clearly, I have not been faithful enough to this blog.  Not having signed on too much lately, I must have totally missed the "changes are coming" announcements.  I was reading another blogger tonight and she was having lots to say about the changes, and I thought I would go see what was happenin'.  Well, Silly me, this thing is like starting new, no welcome picture for me, no just click on this and that would happen.  Heck, I don't even know if this mess that I am typing will be visible by anyone but me, and truly, even if I will ever be able to see it again.  What displays most prominently are the new blog posts of those blogs that I follow-jumping right out on my screen.  But, the ability to do a regular post-not so easy to accomplish.  I wish I was like this:
This is SGrandson and SCat, just hanging, no trying to teach an old dog new tricks. Bleh, I am just now thinking that the facebook timeline is not too bad, and I can work around a challenge, and then this?  Hey, what am I whining about?  So many others have it so hard-why they don't even have a droid!  Buck up woman.
Deep breath, into new mindset.................ohm........ohm....... (what does that chanting ohm mean? "Oh! Holy mackerel?")
Now, I hope you have had many good days recently SReaders.  I have had a plethora of choices about my days, but mostly I am sad to say that the list of those we pray for has unfortunately gotten much longer.  Is it because as I get older, so do my family and friends, hence the possibility of them getting ill gets higher?  I just can't imagine what it must be like in Third World Countries where the health care system is little or none, and families need to watch others get sick with no hope of them getting better.  What about those families in Africa that have seen an entire generation of sons and daughters succumb to AIDS?  How can they manage to keep going?  Is it because they have never had better health care, so they have not seen successful recoveries?  Maybe, or maybe they go on because what choice is there?  Others go on, so they shall too.  I envy their strength.  And I pray for the illness and suffering of those whom I have never met, and those who have no one to pray for them.  I have become such a proponent of prayer in the last few years.  Before I prayed because I hoped that  it would do some good, now I pray because I know it does some good.  And one thing that I have discovered, I can not pray for such specific things.  I now pray for strength of those who are ill to tolerate treatments, to give the medical caretakers compassion and wisdom, and for those who are the caretakers to be able to have the strength to carry on.  Tonight, I will pray for you SReader, just because.

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