Monday, August 19, 2013

Seeing the beauty

This is goldenrod-a beautiful, bright plant.  But to some of us, it is the enemy.  It makes me sneeze, cough and feel anything but golden.

In life there are many things that look beautiful, but the trick is to see them for what they are. And there are things that don't seem so great, but they also have beauty.

Free time comes to mind. Who would have not wanted a "get up and go do stuff" lifestyle?  When I was at my busiest, I sometimes wonder how I had time to work.  I have a "way too much unstructured time period" since my knee replacement surgery in June.  Due to complications, my exact plan fell to pieces. I did this, that and the other thing to make sure all my bases were covered for care of myself, my Sweet Husband and Sweet Son while I was temporarily in the hospital  and home recovering.  However, the unexpected happened, I went back into the hospital for another 8 days, then a few weeks later, back in for an overnight stay.
I had assumed that I would need to rely on others for a six week period until I could drive, but this level of care that was required was over the top. My Sweet Daughter was chief chauffeur, shopper, person to lean on, not only for me, but for every possible need my family would have, SH and SS were amazing seeing to me at home.  Sweet Sister#1 rescued me in many ways, Sweet Brother#1 was there for me and Sweet Cousin Susan was my medical advocate, and others were there for us-in a myriad of ways.  Family members, friends and strangers did the best: they prayed for me.  Obviously that worked, here I am rambling.

So, the free time thing..... Well I have had a need not  to do my everyday schedule, or the next day I am a mess! It was a hard lesson, but now the unstructured time has become a necessity.
I have been advised to go slowly, to eat red meat (HA HA HA, do Sahlen's hot dogs count? That is the only red meat we have.) 

I will and we will do fine.  I am driving, etc. 

Live is progressing.

And free time is meant to be used,   It is a beautiful thing.

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