Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lace-Curtain Irish

I have written many times here about my Italian Heritage, especially when reminiscing about SGrandma Viviani.. She and my SMom set the flavor scale at Italian in our house, with a smidge of Polish here and there borrowed from their neighbors where they lived in Pennsylvania.

My other genetic pieces are a touch of French from my SM's paternal Mother and Irish. Other than my Irish last name, that is as far as it went for me.  No influence from that side of the family to ingrain the Gaelic traditions into my soul.

However..................... I do like me some white lace curtains in my Kitchen.  There is no better feeling for me to be washing, ironing and replacing these beauties.  I know, ironing is not something I try to do as most of you know, but this is different.  As I spray the starch on and glide that very lightweight appliance over the cloth, it is such a pure activity.  I think about how difficult it was in years past for me and others,  I recently replaced my 43 year-old-made-of- lead- ironing-board-which was covered with at least 10 ironing board covers giving it a nice cushion when you were dragging that oh-so-heavy old-iron over the surfaces. This new one is lightweight, one layer of cover and the newer iron is also very easy to lift and move.  I sometimes think I will not have the same end product-a crisp ironed-in crease where the folds go, but you know what?  It is what it is, I can see a crease and my bruised hands no longer wish to go for the knife edge effect of the past.

I am through and through a Lace-Curtain Irish when it comes to my Kitchen! A Lace-Curtain Irish
refers to Irish immigrants who, though living in shanties would hold the head and attitudes high because they would hang nice lace curtains in these hovels-looking respectable from the outside.
There is also a phrase Shanty Irish, this gives those who are are labeled that the reputation of living in squalor.  Yikes, no in between? You are either clean or dirty when it comes to judging your housekeeping skills from the old days.
 I think I would like to make a new category "Lace-curtain to a degree".  That is what I am, no all lace curtains, not squalor, just making my way through the important cleaning and looking up fondly at my blindingly white lace Kitchen curtains when I am feeling overwhelmed with the everyday cleaning chores.

At 3am last night-don't ask!  I was assured that all who were thought to be lost in the throes of deep sleep were, so I decided to wash my kitchen and bathroom curtains.  I know, not normal, but who saw me write normal anywhere on my application?  I brought them all up from the dryer when they were slightly damp, laid them flat on the back of the couch, smoothing out any threatening wrinkles and knew I could not bring out the ironing board-which squeaks like heck when opening, and drag out the three step ladder needed for replacing the curtain rods. I so wanted to finish the job last might and wake up to the bright curtains-but, that would have been pushing my luck of not awakening anyone.  So I washed windows and  finished the curtains this morning and now I am a happy "Lace-curtain to a degree"  lady.  Life is good eh?

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