Monday, July 30, 2012

This is a photograph that I call: SBrother#2's backyard!  He has worked very hard, and is blessed enough to live on the waterfront.  We are all "water people". We love being around water, it seems to complete us and calm us. Some people might say this is nonsense, but not us, seeing the waves, the colors that are reflected by the sky and the surrondings, all add up to a perfect setting for the sibs.  And speaking of the sibs, here are 4 of the 5, the same day that the above picture was captured:
We just so appreciate time spent together, never as often as we would like. Also attending were our significant others, and that word significant is so mild compared to the contribution that they have each  made to our family.  We would not be the same without all of their love, humor  and support.
In the photograph, SSister#1 is on left, SBrother#1, SBrother#2, then me. We lined up, red hair, grey, red, grey. How clever we are! That little wee glow of light in the bottom center of the photograph is the birthday cake for SB#1. SSister#2 is out of state, or she would be have been smack in the middle of this picture, another red head! In the old days, we had three red heads, one curly black hair, and one mousy brown, that was most often highlighted to bring some color to my face. SMatka was born blonde, turned mousy brown, and then spent the next six decades with various shades of red hair. After about eighty years old, she went to that champagne color that looks so nice on women of a certain age.  But, really, the back of her hair was still mostly brown.
My SGrandma Viviani had mostly grey hair as long as I can remember, and she wore it in a long braid, that she twirled around her head during the day, with the braid hanging down at bedtime.  One time, for SS#1s wedding, my SMatka had it cut and permed-oh baby, that was not well received by SGV.  I can not describe how the fire came out of her eyes when she was displeased-we called it the "Mal Occhio", evil eye.  I must confess, I had this ability to a certain degree.  I have tempered my use of this over the years, or maybe trying to be less judgemental as I age to perfection, I tend to not need it as much?
So, my, hairy essay is complete, except, wait, I have a SFriend who having completed chemotherapy, now has a spankin' new crop of hair, it is grey, wavy and adorable, you know one of those hairstyles that you might pay a mint to try to get at the beauticians?  A silver lining as it were.

In celebration of the topic of hair:
Hair song from HAIR musical.


Diana said...

Gee, who could you be talking about? Thanks for making me famous!

sally said...

I take no credit for your cute hair!