Sunday, December 4, 2011

A pinch in time...

When we five sibs were young, we attended church with SMatka (Sweet Matka) and sometimes SGrandma Viviani.  And sometimes we were restless, distracting, noisy and embarrassing. I don't know if this technique was needed for SSister#1 or SBrother#1, they seemed better able to behave than the other three of us.
So SMatka used a time-honored technique-she pinched us under our upper arm.  It was quick, painful, and got the job done.  You never saw better behaved, quiet children-EVER!  One of those pinches or the evil-eye look that said a pinch was next did the trick. Something so painful was to be avoided at all cost.
The other day, when I went to "check the flowers", which is my euphemism for going to the cemetery, I discovered that pulling up to that grave site is also a "pinch".  It has the same effect every time, a quick onset of pain, generated by SMatka. I don't stay long, I check to see that the wind has not picked up the flowers and tossed them onto a neighbor's territory, or if the weather is not good, I actually stay in the car. I make sure the music is turned off because too many times, what is playing makes it worse.
If anyone is in the car with me, the visit is even shorter. 

To paraphrase: "Better to have loved and lost, than to never have been pinched at all."

Hope you enjoy this song, click here:  The Prayer


Margaret Hall said...

Dear SSally....I am sorry that I missed this valuable posting...That "pinch" was such a notable remembrance of times when mischief reared it's ugly head..(smile)...I, can relate to the pain...You---"checking the flowers" brought a tear to my eyes, that you are faithful to such loving memories...What a wonderful heart you have....♥

sally said...

Well, sometimes SFriend Margaret, a wonderful heart seems to come forth when it is broken.
Thanks you for your faithful commenting, it means so much.