Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today in the life

Today in the life, I have been busy and not busy-waiting while car maintenance and repair work done.  I always bring something to read for one of these long appointments, something to drink-a bottle of Starbucks light frappacino (which I had to wait until it unchilled to drink since the waiting room is always cold), and some crackers to soothe my screaming stomach after taking a Motrin for my nasty aching "when is this damp weather gonna end" joints.
I checked my email, sent a few, but then, could not concentrate on anything, my book went unread after I read the same paragraph over and over,  so I sat there, thinking of all the things that I could be doing, and wishing I got more than the 4 hours of sleep that came to find me last night.
I eaves-dropped on the conversations that the other customers had, I love doing that, just to see a slice of their lives. They all came and went. I sat and waited, and then another customer came and sat in the waiting room!  She was a tiny elf, dressed in about 6 layers of jackets-that I could see.  She started the conversation, I answered and we took off from there.  She was obviously very intelligent, but her attire, mostly
well-worn mens clothes and a barely there haircut did not match what was coming out of her mouth.  There I go, my usual sin of judging others, but it was fascinating to watch her.
She had a newspaper with her, so we rehashed all the news, and then we started talking about the history of our nearest  big city, Buffalo New York.  There is a preservationist convention going on there right now, so many photos and articles have been posted in the paper daily.  My wee friend seemed to go back in time, talking about her youth and getting dressed up to go downtown with her Aunts and Parents, her  eyes seemed to drift away as she entered that pleasant time in her life.  She told of all the stores she went to, all the buildings that were there, she had a wonderful accurate  memory and it was so pleasant for me to hear her speak.
She mentioned all the pets that she used to have, and when I asked her about current pets, she answered that she didn't dare have pets, because who would take care of them when she was gone? She seemed very sad about this necessary choice.
I wonder what her day to day life is like?  She sounded like she lives alone, and she looked like she was very thrifty judging from her desire to get every bit of use out of the clothing that she was wearing.
When it was time to leave, we both were checked out at the same time, and as she walked to her vehicle, I assumed it also was a thrifty purchase, but she got into a black, sleek  sports car! See, that is what happens when you assume.
When the appointment was finished, I had some errands to do, which included 4 containers of pumpkin ice cream for my SHusband.  I brought one home last week, he loved it, and asked that we stock up.  I also bought 2 more boxes of Gia Russa Kluski Chicken noodle flavored soup mix.  I already have 2 boxes, but that is my feeling yucky staple. and I would hate for us to be stuck at home during bad weather with someone not feeling well and us being "OUT" of this elixir.
So, an interesting day so far, I hope you are warm, safe and happy day, and here is a little piece for you to listen to:

Beatles "All you need is Love"

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