Saturday, October 8, 2011

The String Bunny Family


Once there was a bunny family called the String Bunnies.

The oldest bunny was a girl, string bunny #1, and she was a strong, PROTECTIVE helper bunny. She was like a crossing guard bunny, you always knew you were safe when she was around, she was also a cheer leader bunny who told other people how talented and wonderful they were, but really, she was the one who had talents and blessings that she did not brag about, and she used them all.

The oldest boy bunny #1 had a big HEART. He was a rock, and helped people and always worked hard without saying anything about it. He loved to dance and hop around and laugh and he traveled all over the bunny world. He never said no and always was quietly doing things for other people, and sometimes this caused him to be a little late, but everyone loved him so much that they never minded, they knew he would be there soon, along with his big smile.
The next bunny was girl bunny #2, she was a lot of FUN, and was always riding a roller coaster, up and down, and doing her best. She loved growing flowers and sewing beautiful quilts. The String bunnies loved her and her quilts that she was very generous to give to so many other bunnies.

Boy Bunny #2 was a water bunny, he loved to look at the big and little waves, and he worked hard and was very KIND and proud of his bunny family. He was always generous and loved by all. He was a good cook and loved to make bunny vegetables for all to share. He was a snappy dresser, and his bunny outfits were the talk of the land.

The last bunny was a girl bunny#3, she loved pushing a pencil and recorded everything, and took many pictures so all the bunnies could see what was happening in her bunny world. She was always protected and taken care of by her older brother and sister bunnies, and she was very HAPPY.

Now, some people would say, why are they called “The String Bunnies”? And the answer is, they were all connected by a lovely string, and that string is made of LOVE, and her name is MOM.


Diana said...

So beautiful, you cute little String Bunny, you!

sally said...

Thanks, I was actually dreaming this story last night, and it has been floating in my head all day. Must be Matka.