Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meatloaf on my face, Feeling Youngish and other stuff

First the meatloaf reference: My Dermatologist had me put some nasty chemical peel meds on my nose, eyebrow and ear to burn off pre-cancer and new cancer spots. It was a three week treatment, the first night it felt a little stingy. What I wouldn't give for that little stingy feeling for the next three weeks. It burned like a son-of-gun going on, drying in, and after it was washed off the next morning. In other words-all the time. Then after it was done burning, it started to scab, so if you put that visual together-burn and scab-VIOLA! Meatloaf on my face. The treatment finished one week ago today, and it is just starting not to hurt if I move my eyebrow or wiggle my noise-What would the Bewitched Lady have done-out of commission for three weeks!

My SSister#1 had to do this treatment to her entire face TWICE last year, and her neck and her hands and forearms. She was unlucky to get more of the melatonin-free Irish skin than did I. It was amazing to me that she was able to do this. She was very sympathetic whenever she would see me.

You can not wear makeup with this process, BUT, last Saturday, was SHusband's 50th HS Reunion. How could I go without make-up? Well, I should have. When I gently put on this real light make-up I have that is whipped, it did camouflage the color, but not the texture-as I say to my SGrandson when he says some boy horrible thing, "I have three words for that: DIS GUS TING!"

It was so gross to have all the those beige layers on my noise and wrinkly edges sticking out. Then the bad news, when I came home, I washed off the make-up immediately, and with it unfortunately came all my hard won scabs-so I bleed like a stuck pig. Four steps back. Today, it is only itching-a good sign-itching means healing. So, maybe I will get away with doing this only once?? My ear still looks like I started, so that is probably wishful thinking.

Next topic, Feeling Youngish. Well this should really be entitled feeling a tad younger than others, but really right on their cusp. At the aforementioned reunion, most were at least 6 years older than me because that is what SH is.

Most spouses were age appropriate, there was only one that I could call a trophy wife-and she was in her forties!

SH was so excited to attend, It was in question last month, but we sent in reservation and money, hoping for the best-hey maybe that is what helped him to feel better??

It was so nice to see so many fellow alumni of his stopping at the table since he was not able to move around. His fav teacher-Science was there and he was also very pleased to see SH. You can tell it was not a forced kindness.

They had a Frank Sinatra Songs sing-a-long, and other popular tunes from 50 years ago. I was familiar with all the songs, SH even sang. Thank goodness for large font song sheets for us.

The "creme d' la creme" student body members as SH called them-the popular ones/officers were there, and they led the evening, still setting the pace. You could see many were loving life and some were really feeling their age, but all seemed happy to be there. Did I mention that 3 hours before we needed to leave, SH asked for his clothes that he would be wearing that night, and was dressed and ready 2 hours before we had to leave-not too excited. I was happy it worked out for him-a once in a lifetime event.

Other stuff: SMom fell again, went via ambulance to ER, no new stoke, but there are definite signs that the stroke in May caused more residual than we were expecting. She now has to use a walker-so hard for her to give in and do that. She was so proud that she was one of the few who didn't have a walker in her new assisted living residence. But she has left leg weakness, unsteady gait and can not afford to have more falls.

She walks with it if you remind her, it seems she never uses it in her apartment-I saw that today. That was distressing to me since her last fall was in her apartment. We can only support her, remind her and hope for the best. I put some purple duct tape on it since that is her favorite color, and it would add some bling. We have our family picnic this Saturday, and she really does not want to take "that thing". But, it is what it is.

While sorting through her many boxes of photos the other night I found a wee beige piece of paper folded neatly into a small rectangle with a rip almost thru and thru. Opening it up I recognized the feel of the paper to be some sort of official document, and that it what! It was the Marriage Certificate of my maternal grandparents. The certificate showed their marriage date as July 19, 1915, and I found it on July 18th, 95 years later. I was doing the happy dance I tell you! I quickly showed to SH, who is all things historical, and he carefully placed it in an archival sheet protector. I then scanned it into my computer and passed it on to the family via e-mail. How wonderful that a piece of paper could survive all these years (this certificate was actually issued in 1940), and because of computers, it could be shared with so many instantly.

And last week, another good bit 'o news for SDaughter-she passed her last of 4 teacher certification exams! She is a CERTIFIED TEACHER. Now if she could get a job, the dream and the effort would be rewarded, and maybe the student loans paid back more quickly? Lets hope.

SSon had a week of vacation in the beginning of July. This year it did not rain the rain of the century like it did all last year during his time off. We did stuff all week, he went swimming a bizillion times at the State Park, went to the Big NEW WaterPark at the local Six Flags Park twice, he drove a go-cart, ate enough ice cream to start his own stimulus package for the dairy industry. Had an " off the list because they are too unhealthy FISH FRY" (for those of you not from Western New York, this local meal is a piece of breaded, deep-fried fish, a glop each of macaroni and potato salad, cole slaw and rye bread and BUTTER. I like to think of it as heart attack on a plate, usually washed down with a few cold beers-Non alcoholic in his case), went to a movie, out to breakfast with SM, SS#1 and her SHusband, attended a family picnic on the 4th, drove around for two hours in a nearby town while we tried to find fireworks on the wrong night (ice cream helped), and the best thing of all, we went to a driven-in. This area used to have at least 10 drive-ins when I was a kid (50 years ago), but now we have ONE, and it is an hour from our house. I promised, so we went. The movie he wanted to see was shown second, could it get any worse for me? That movie started at 11:45. I hurt just typing that. What person in their right mind, having lived to a ripe old age starts watching a movie at 11:45PM? My plan was to sleep during the first two movies, then wake up and drive home. But I was so sure that we would both fall asleep and be there the next day when the sun came up, with drool on our faces, that I changed my plan to stay awake instead. The mosquitoes helped my second plan, and the kid smoking in the car 1 foot away from us-even though there were only 10 cars in that particular screen area-he choose to park right next to us-how very, very, nice, well he helped me stay awake because you can not sleep while you are whinning. We could not close the window-it was too hot, the AC drowned out the sound which now comes from your radio. ( How many of you admit to driving away with the speaker attached?)

SS fell asleep from 1am on, and everytime I poked him, he would slur, "I'm awaaaaake", and then fall back asleep.

On the way home, SS mentioned that it has been 25 YEARS since I took him to the drive-in. Whoops. Well, my excuse was, with the new high backs on the car seats now, you can not see from the back seat, so I couldn't take him when Hubie was able to go also, and then they closed all but one, and, and , and. Home was not arrived at until 2:30am..........

We agreed that when we go in another 25 years that SGrandson will need to pick us up and drive us. I asked SGS about that, and he said if I was still kickin' he would. What a little brat.

SGS was at camp last week, perfect timing for me to rest up after the vacation week, since I usually stay with him 2 days a week while SD works. So, I had a week of how do I put this-doing nothing. Oh sure, I cleaned the bathroom, but really that was about it. If it couldn't wait until this week-it was not happening for me. I had a few nice little visits with SM, lunch with SS#1, pot luck dinner at the park with friends, and a few lunches out with SH (one we counted as our anniversary celebration). All in all, a great break.

Here I end this long story that will be out on kindle next week in stores and web sites near you with a picture of SGS at camp. Look in the background of the picture to know what he was going to be toting.

Thanks for stopping by SFriends. May you have Peace in your heart.

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