Monday, July 26, 2010

Brown is a wonderful color!

Tonight our SGrandson earned his Brown Belt in Kempo Karate! He has taken it non-stop for about 4 years, and a few years before that he took lessons for a year-until he broke his leg! (Not in Karate).

Tonight's test was an entire lesson of demonstrations of his Codas(routines), and then he was put thru a long exercise where he was lying flat on his back, and had to scoot around to defend himself with his legs only-kicking a big cushion that a Black Belt was holding.

Then, he needed to "Spar" (think fight with pads on their head, hands and feet) each member of the class. If an opponent scored a point against him, he needed to do certain exercises (10 crunches, 10 jumping jacks and something called a bumble butt or something like that where he needed to get down on the ground and get to his feet not using his hands-try it with pads on-very hard).

Then all the Senseis (Black Belt instructors) each spoke of his efforts and his goals. Then they awarded him the Brown Belt.

SHusband went with me, he didn't want to miss this big milestone, he rested all day, and it worked out-they had a working elevator for him and everything! Life is Good.
After he is awarded his new belt, they place his old belt (purple) around his neck so he can add it to his collection at home. SDaughter has decorated his bedroom by lining the belts up end to end and streaming them around the room near the ceiling.
We were so happy to be there to share this honor with him. We love you Liebchen!

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