Friday, November 25, 2011

Quietly we go today.

Quietly we go today, just like our SCat Boo-Boo Marie looks in this photo. Up to today,  I have been busy, but not on my blog as you may have gleaned! And I coulda' if I wanted to, but my brain has been in a different mode recently. 
We are busy with some important medical appointments for SHusband that for now take up a lot of time for learning and doing, but will all settle down in a week or so.  His health is good, just needed some "how to's" for making life easier for him.
We had a lovely day yesterday on Thanksgiving-family here, they all did and brought so much. And put this in SH's babybook-he did not finish his dessert!  He was very anxious to have dessert immediately after that humongous feast, but his hard drive was miswired, and he just could  not complete his appointed task! I am thinking too hard now, just spit out the words eh?
I never used to end a sentence-statement with eh? until a SFriend wrote that way-I thought it really made sense to add that, and so I stole it from her.  I was very close to her, but she moved away, and felt it was a burden to her friends to have them continue their relationship with her, long-distance phone charges, stamps, etc.  After going 'round and 'round, with her about how we really wanted to keep our friendship going, it was not a problem, etc., one day she sent us a card which stated that she knew we would respect her wishes and stop all correspondence with her.  It was heart-breaking for me-she did not make friends easily-she was afraid of being hurt I think, but we were really close.  When she asked this of other friends, I felt badly that she was narrowing her exposure to other people, then it happened to us, and I wonder if she knew how much it hurt me?  Maybe she valued our friendship less than I did, I will never know.
So, back to my post.
My SFamily washed and dried the Thanksgiving dishes for me yesterday, I always argue, plead and request that I do my own dishes, they are my guests, and I like to rehash the day, but they always persist.  I decided that this year, I was not going to have any conflicts, so I said sure, and away they went, and then the cleaning up and dividing, packing-period of serving a large meal began, and they did that too!  I have to tell you around 5pm last night, after they left, it was my aching old body that reminded me that thanks to all of them, I had minimal work to do. Thank you all dear ones.
And now I am back-flipping to the day before Thanksgiving, SSon did not have to work, this is his slow time of year, so he was my SOUS-CHEF EXTRAORDINAIRE!  He peeled every potato and apple, lifted this, cut that, dried this rack of dishes, helped set the table, did the final vacuum,  and washed  the umpteenth load  of kitchen  towels-how did we go through so many? SH even got in the act and washed a load of dishes. Why, you might ask did I need all these dishes washed?   Well, I cook mostly everything the day before-and I think it tastes just as good.  The potatoes I cook and mash  the day before, then the next day, bring them to room temp for 30 minutes then heat in the crock pot  for a few hours on high, stirring every half hour-this is the time that I put in butter-that way, when the butter melts, your potatoes are heated! I do add warm milk and cream cheese when I mash them to make them smooth, baby smooth.
I cook only Turkey breasts, slice them, and this year, I saved the skin over the breasts and covered the cut meat with the skin to keep them moist, seemed like it worked great while they were heating up with a little chicken broth in the bottom of the dish.
Enough, you have heard all about how to cook for this great holiday from everyone on the internet.  Let me talk instead of people.
I have the best family, and enjoy spending time with them-that is a blessing.
Today, we had a mini-meal with SH's SSister.  She is a kind, dear woman, grateful to all for anything.  We shared a meal, visited and then played a game of dominoes-it was so good to see her laugh.  This is her "first-of-without" year, first everything without her beloved Husband who died in June. She is a marvel, never wanting to pass her grief on to anyone.
As this mellow day went on, I drove SS on an errand, then went to the cemetery to replace Matka's flowers with the Winter variety.  I added some more to perk up the display because they really got pounded in the weather last year.    I never thought that this activity would become  important to me, but it seems like my time as one of many who was involved with meeting my Matka's needs, I think it is hard for me not to still be doing that.  Did I describe that correctly for you?  The weather was 57 degrees while I was doing this little project, and I remember last year a few days after I did this, we got a horrible snowstorm-dumping a lot of snow everywhere. We  will see if this is the deciding factor of when winter really begins eh?
Salads for supper, with a spoon of dressing/stuffing, talk about defeating the effort of eating healthy!
And wait, one more trip back to the future for this post, we slept until 9am today!  I had the alarm set for 7:30, I looked at it hard and decided, just a few more minutes.........
then when SS got up for his breakfast, we woke up.  Geez Louise, that is like sleeping through the day. I had PLANS! But, they were all accomplished anyway.  SH and I had a protein shake for breakfast-could not chew one thing more today. I made 8 dozen cookies-none for us to eat this morning. Is there a better smell to fill a house with?
  A wonderful service-minded woman in the area has a "Prayers and Cookies" project for active-duty soldiers.  She sends them cookies, toiletries, books, and cards monthly.  Today, was my day to bake for the first time for her project, and I hope to continue to do it periodically.  SS was so good about the fact that these were not for us, they were for those in the war zone.  Hersheys Chocolate Chips has a great recipe on the back of their package that adds PEANUT BUTTER to a basic chocolate chip recipe, I did not taste them, but they looked really good. Chocolate and peanut butter-what a concept!
So, back to the present.  I just finished writing "tier-one" of my Christmas cards-family, then this weekend, I will work on the rest.  I am so structured that I need to do them in order, no willy-nilly random card writing for me my friend. My handwriting starts south,  it does not have far to travel before it is illegible, so my card writing must be done in batches.  When computers first came out, well, became part of my life, I printed my envelopes with the computer.  Unfortunately, the printer I was using then, would flip the way it printed the envelope according to the size that you choose for the envelope. And since not all my cards are alike, I did not have correctly printed envelopes-I felt really bad, and thought people were judging me by the way their envelope was printed-pathetic.  I just stopped doing them on the computer after that year, and really, I get so many return address  labels in the mail-who needs to waste ink and time doing envelopes  on the computer anyhow?
Tomorrow, we will see our SGrandson again for a few hours while we deliver all the cookies, etc that others have made for this project.  Even a few hours is important-the older they get, the less your time together is.  A known mathematical equation exists out there somewhere for this occurrance. Lookitup I say.
Well, goodnight SREADERS, I hope your week went well, and your life is happy-and if not, I hope you can figure out how to change it-you deserve a wonderful life.

Keeping with my slow and easy day, here is a "Wonderful Life" song for you. (I had originally chosen the ending of the Movie "A Wonderful Life", but at the end of the you- tube video, someone inserted a man burping-totally not in my vibe for today).
Click here:
Wonderful Life


Margaret Hall said...

Awesome writing today, SFriend~!! Your writing style is smooth, soft, inviting, and brings us to your emotions and sights and sounds~!! Just awesome to come and enjoy your thoughts as you mesmerize us with your happenings...I would only marvel at the beautiful food display that I am sure that you served...I wish you the most wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing your life on the Blogosphere~! Loved the picture of SBoo-Boo Marie...Know that I am still "connected" to you as a SFriend NOW and ALWAYS...Love you, ♥♥♥

sally said...

Margaret, just what I needed, some kind words from a writer that I respect so much. And your generous sharing with so many is another way that you continue to give us support. I hope your time with your family was as special as you are SFriend! This picture of SCat is just the epitome of chillaxing right? Take care, stay warm and can't wait to read what you have coming 'round the bend.