Sunday, August 28, 2011

The times thay are a changin'

I am of that age.  You know, when so many of your friends and relatives are the same age and having serious health problems.
We have friends and relatives  beyond count having "replacements", knees, hips, and not a week goes by that we don't hear "have you heard about..".
At supper, SSon says our prayer, asking God to "watchover", and lately the list is unfortunately long.
The father of my children, I guess he would be SX using my naming process (S for sweet, and then their relationship), who has been having health problems for thirty years has been giving the unfortunate words "nothing we can do for you" in regards to his heart health.  Devastating for all.  He has a very devoted wife, who makes sure that he gets the best health care possible, but not even that worked out for this man who is genetically programmed from both sides of his lineage to have heart disease and diabetes. And with these two diseases-one aggravates the other.
My SKids are taking it differently.  SS is so stoic, but bears careful watching for when the barrier comes down. And, while we have been editing our updates to him about his father's condition, we have had to give him more info lately. And his quick hugs to all go a long way.  What a gift he is.
SDaughter always wants to fix everything, so she is frustrated and tearful, and still she is offering to help in any way with driving SS or anything to pick up the slack from her father's former involvement-starting with last night, when she went with him using her fathers ticket to the Buffalo Bills Football game.  She is not a football fan, could have spent the time with her hunny, but she did what was needed-without being asked.  What a gift she is.
Some might wonder why this is such a hard time for me-the ex.  But, we were married for 24 years, and while we were lousy spouses to and for each other, we are very good friends now, along with our spouses. If we did not have shared  Skids and a SGrandson, this closeness might not have formed, but thankfully, it did. As I have mentioned here before, his spouse and I consider ourselves sisters.
If you are the praying type, please say a prayer for SX, thanks.
So there you have it, aging sucks.  And yet, it is still a gift.
And here is a song to remind us, we are there for each other:


Bev Sykes said...

Sounds like we both wrote sort of the same entry, didn't we!

sally said...

Must be something in the world's aura I think Bev. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I wouldn't miss a day without stopping by to visit you.